Norah and Kyle’s NAPRO Success Story:

We approached Magnificat Family Medicine as practicing Catholics who had longed to conceive a child for 5 years. In the previous 3 years, we had gone to two local OB practices with some possible pointers, but largely unexplained infertility. After knowing that we wanted to remain faithful to the Church’s beliefs on reproduction, we walked away from the first OB practice after being presented with the IVF option. Our second OB, although Catholic, did not present us with a plan to conceive beyond having us undergo typical fertility testing, so after “watching and waiting” we left this practice as well believing that we had experienced the totality of what Catholic reproductive medicine had to offer.

However, through a friend, we learned about NaPro Technology and that local doctor practiced it - Dr. Reising. We had charted using the Creighton Model and while that was hugely informative, we had never seen a NaPro physician. From our first appointment we were presented with a surprisingly thorough plan for evaluating Norah far beyond the scope of our previous doctors. We continued to learn more about our particular situation at each visit and began addressing our issues specifically.

We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl who was born November 2017 and who was conceived in the third month of working with Dr. Reising and NaPro. Working with Dr. Reising, we felt that a doctor finally understood how to address our longing for a child professionally while adhering to Catholic teaching. After our previous disappointments, we were renewed and refreshed with her optimism as well as surprised by the amount of reproductive technology available.

We are very grateful to Dr. Reising and the compassionate staff at Magnificat Family Medicine and strongly recommend their practice to others seeking Catholic reproductive care. Thanks Magnificat!

~Norah & Kyle

Jessica and Eric's NAPRO Success Story

My wife and I found Magnificat Family Medicine after trying to conceive for over a year and a half. We were discouraged by the options our previous physicians gave us and were looking for more natural, personal, and holistic care for our infertility. When Dr. Reising recommended charting using the Creighton model, we finally felt like we were on the right track. As a husband, I often felt helpless throughout our infertility, but the Creighton model allowed us to work together as a team and foster our relationship in the midst of our struggle.

Thankfully, Dr. Reising was able to identify the source of our health complications and in 5 months we conceived and welcomed baby girl, Emma Grace, into the world in January 2017! We would recommend the Creighton Model to anyone!


Matt & Erin's Story of Hope

After years of infertility and unsuccessful treatments, we had almost given up hope.

We had seen an OBGYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist to help us become pregnant, but a reason for our infertility was never found. After about 3 years of testing, bloodwork, medications, injections, ultrasounds, 9 IUIs and 3 rounds of IVF, we were told we were out of options for having our own biological children. Although defeated we were not ready to give up, and that’s when we found and decided to try the Creighton Model/NaProTechnology. The Creighton Model allowed us to learn more about my reproductive health by monitoring the signs my body was giving. Through my charting, my NaPro physician was able to test and treat me for things that had not even been evaluated yet. We continued to make changes to my treatment plan based on my charting, and finally after another year and a half of trying we were able to conceive naturally! Infertility is a long and exhausting journey, but we want others to know that with Creighton/NaProTechnology there is hope!