About Creighton

The Creighton Model is a natural and holistic approach to a woman’s fertility health. This method of fertility awareness can give guidance to achieving or avoiding a pregnancy and tracking the reproductive cycle to uncover underlying health concerns that can accompany the reproductive cycle. Through the Introductory Session and all the follow-up sessions the FertilityCare practitioners teach you to track various biomarkers and properly chart them. 

What can Creighton can address and make sense of?


 Chart Example:

Every women’s cycles and chart will look entirely different. The good news is that Creighton is 100% individualized and can be used during any point in your reproductive life. Our FertilityCare Practitioners can help guide you toward being extremely successful and confident users of the system, no matter your situation.

Above are examples of a chart from women who experiences regular cycles.  The letters and numbers allow us to chart using a standardized recording system used worldwide.


What is the teaching Structure?

Charting&understanding your cycles takes time to learn and master, and our Practitioners cover something new at almost every follow up. These sessions are an investment to knowing your fertility and being a successful independent user of the system. 100% of the users we have taught have reported that the follow up schedule was essential to their confidence and proper use&application of the system



How could Creighton impact me?

Very practically, there are multiple things that Creighton can help you accomplish to achieving your health goals or needs. Often Dr. Reising will need a Peak+7 hormone panel to understand your health, something easy to accomplish through charting with Creighton. On the same note, she may prescribe you hormone supplements only to be taken after you ovulate in your post peak (or luteal) phase and Creighton allows you to know exactly when to take your supplements



Side effects of Creighton:


What is the cost?

Most private insurances cover Creighton at 100% meaning no cost for you. Let your Practitioner know your insurance plan or if you do not have insurance coverage. 


How do I get Started?

Schedule an Introductory Session TODAY! Our Practitioners are now accepting new clients and can schedule you this month!

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